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Additionally, the integration of features like online payments and cross-platform compatibility is very appealing for players. Here placing bets in the right way is the only thing that causes problems for the players. Most people are unaware of the possible results, and they lose their bets by putting the wrong bets.

Here we will discuss what the mathematical football prediction formulas are and how we can implement them.

Why do different people use prediction methods for football betting?

Luck is an essential factor while placing bets, but the more significant thing is making statistical moves. Making statistical moves means that you are doing a proper analysis of the conditions of the games. Some of the situations that are needed to be under consideration are below.

  • Previous results of the matches between 2 teams.
  • Injured players.
  • Banned players.
  • Substitutes.

However, it is not easy for everyone to know all of these things. That is why people use different helping methods for placing better bets for football matches. Betting tips websites and experience advice are not a thing for everyone because of their cost.

Here the mathematical formulae are the best option for everyone. It is because you can implement these formulae for every game, and you can get Real-Time results without spending anything. Other than this, these mathematical formulas also have other benefits.


Benefits of using mathematical formulae for football prediction:

You get certain benefits when you use mathematical football predictions and their formulas. Here we will discuss some of the benefits of using mathematical football predictions over other methods of football predictions.

  • Cost-effectiveness.
  • You reduce the chances of getting your bets wrong.
  • You are your own master, and you will never need help.

Some formulas and their benefits for mathematical football predictions:

Here we will discuss some of the formulas that will help you in mathematical football prediction, but first of all, let us discuss how to use these formulas.

The best way to use these formulas:

If you are looking to play it safe, then you must check for at least 20 matches. These 20 matches and their results for both the teams will help you gather an excellent dataset for using the formula.

Do you want to get further ahead? It will be a great thing that you take both teams’ results where they played against similar opponents.

Bayesian Theorem:

This theorem states that


Where P(X) is the probability of X, P(Y) is the probability of Y. Similarly, P(X|Y) is the probability of X given Y and P(Y|X) is the probability of Y given X.

Here X and Y can be the instances for both the teams, and you can calculate the following things using this formula.

  • Match results.
  • Total Goals.
  • Individual goals.
  • Injuries.
  • Substitutions.

Formula to calculate odds:

Odds of winning team A= 100/ Percentage of games Team A has won.

This formula needs you to take the results of the last 15 matches of both teams. Calculate the price of both groups by adding their wins and the losses of other teams. Do a similar thing for calculating the draw price.

To get the percentage, add the prices, and divide the individual merits by the total cost. Now you will take its share. Here the rate will provide you the winning chances, and you can get odds by dividing 100 by the events.

Accuracy of these formulas:

Both of these formulas calculate results based on previous data. Most of the time, the results will be accurate. In some cases where an outlier exists like unbelievable performance from one side, the results cannot be accurate.

Final Thoughts.

A lot of people are interested in Football due to the dynamic and unbelievable structure of the game. That is why most people like to predict the chances for their teams. Using formulas for this instead of getting help from experts is a very efficient solution.

Here we discussed some procedures that you can use in mathematical football predictions.