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Value Bet Tool helps you check out mathematically computed options where the possibility of the outcome is above the chances show. We boost your chances to win and be successful in the long run by revealing beneficial chances at different bookmakers.

Value Bets fo date: May 2024

Value Bets fo date: 23-05

HNK Cibalia
23-05ES Metlaoui
Olympique Béja
23-05CSKA Sofia
Cherno More Varna
Al Shabab
23-05Al-Ittihad FC
23-05San Marcos
Deportivo Llacuabamba
23-05Waterford FC
Drogheda United

*Odds correct as of date published, prices subject to change, check 1XBET for actual odds.

What is Value Bet?

What is valuebet

A value bet is a bet that is backed at higher odds than the true probability of the event occurring, thus providing an opportunity for profit in the long run.

Worth betting can determine an edge versus a bookie or one more individual on the exchange. If a bet is priced for less than it’s worth, then it offers worth. We describe what value wagering is as well as why it’s fundamental for effective betting.

How to identify value bets?

To identify value bets, you need to compare the odds offered by the bookmakers with your own calculated probability of the event happening. If the odds are higher than the probability, it could be a value bet.

How do I find value bets?

To find value bets, you can analyze the betting odds offered by various bookmakers and compare them with your own calculated probabilities. Look for odds that are higher than your estimated probability to find potential value bets.

How do I calculate the expected value of a bet?

To calculate the expected value of a bet, multiply the probability of winning the bet by the potential profit and subtract the probability of losing the bet multiplied by the potential loss.

What is matched betting?

Matched betting is a strategy where bettors take advantage of the free bets offered by bookmakers to guarantee a profit regardless of the outcome of the event. It involves placing two opposite bets to cover all possible outcomes.

What is the true probability of a bet?

The true probability of a bet is the likelihood of an event occurring based on factual information and statistical analysis. It is different from the odds offered by bookmakers, which often include a bookmaker’s margin.

What are the best value betting opportunities?

The best value betting opportunities are those where the odds offered by bookmakers are significantly higher than your estimated probability of the event occurring. These opportunities offer the highest potential for long-term profit.

How to find a value bet?

To find a value bet, compare the odds offered by bookmakers with your own estimated probability of the event happening. If the odds are higher than your estimated probability, it could be a value bet.

What does a Valuebet suggest?

Value is a common phrase used in monetary investment and has the same meaning in sports betting – If a choice’s likelihood of taking place is less than it ought to be, then there is a chance for a worth bet. Successful bettors and investors understand the difference between a choice’s opportunities of taking place and just how they contrast to the chances offered. To be an effective gambler, you need to recognize worth wagers and bank on them regardless of just how most likely or not likely it is to happen. Putting a wager that uses value is not as straightforward as looking for odds on favorites.

Yes, odds on favorites are more likely to win than not. However, that does not imply the chances supply worth. Instead, the key to effective long-term betting is understanding the chance of a result accurately. And determining where the market is out of line.

Set your odds – value bet

Like financial experts, value wagerers need to calculate their very own odds for a market using all details readily available to them. By determining your very own probabilities. You can compare them to the bookmakers or costs on the betting exchange. And notification if a choice is undervalued or overvalued.

Think in possibilities, not favorites and underdogs

The purpose of value betting, as we currently recognize. Is to examine the chance of an occasion a lot more appropriately than bookmakers or various other customers on an exchange. To do this, it is important you believe in possibility and also not simply want to back favorites by evaluating each team’s chances of winning instead of merely by who you think will undoubtedly succeed.

Favorites do not win regularly. Instead, when you have determined your very own probabilities. You ought to intend to determine distinctions in the indicated probabilities for every result contrasted to what is on offer. If it does after that, you have located betting value. Presuming that you can compute truth chances extra precisely.

Do not be concerned about betting on the underdog or a result you don’t believe will undoubtedly achieve success if there is betting value in the probabilities.

Assessing and examining – value bet

Maths-based modeling is much more controlled and logical contrasted to suspicion as it separates the feeling from betting choices. However, when you have determined your anticipated value, you must analyze and review all other information offered, such as situational factors, which your model hasn’t included before making an educated and balanced choice.


The very best location to discover value is to be experts on particular niche markets. Where the playing field is a lot more level between bookmakers and gamblers on an exchange. As soon as you comprehend the marketplace very well. You will have the ability to identify odds that are skewed from your very own. Offering you a chance to make value bets.